miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010


Kepa Junkera´s new album HABANA SESSIONS has just been released on the market.

This album is a duo with the Cuban pianist Rolando Luna, is a true reflection of a reunion between two fantastic musicians, giving out quality and complicity but over all demonstrating to us that the music and art only understands feelings, experiences and sensations.

This new album includes 11 musical pieces in which you will only hear the sounds of a piano and a trikitixa, HABANA SESSIONS that will complete the project of FANDANGO he started last year in June with Provença Sessions.

A contagious album full of quality and freshness with the trikitixa and the melodies of Kepa Junkera, entirely recorded in the city of Havana (Cuba) in April 2009

Junkera has spiced with simplicity and subtlety of the Cuban musician Rolando Luna, the pianist of the group “Buena Vista Social Club” starring together in a different and personal CD, filled with strength and with a special energy, receiving each other’s music with absolute complicity and seeking to convey the essence of a direct concert, feeling the closeness with their public.

Following the line of the FANDANGO project, in which HABANA SESSIONS is part of, the CD gives us an overview of the themes that best suits the essence of this compilation. Two musicians that meet in any small local or in any place of the world and start to play their instruments.

A clear, honest and intimate album with a predecessor that comes to define FANDANGO, as one of the most eclectic projects, musically speaking, in Kepa Junkera´s discography.

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