jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010

KEPA JUNKERA collaborates in Emilio Aragon´s movie "PAJAROS DE PAPEL"

Tomorrow, March 12, Emilio Aragon´s debuts his first movie “PAJAROS DE PAPEL” (Birds of Paper). The movie takes you back to the Spanish post war by the hand of a company of comedian actors seeking a way to make a living after losing everything they had. The newly filmmaker acknowledges being inspired by his own family experiences to write this screenplay beside Fernando Castets, a work that Emilio Aragon has combined with the production but also with the soundtrack of the movie. A dramatic comedy that attempts to recreate intergenerational years of difficulty, showing the ability of calming the pain and sorrow among the people through their variety of shows they perform.
KEPA JUNKERA collaborates in Emilio Aragon´s movie but not only participating in the Original Soundtrack but also teaching, advising the leading actors everything about the trikitixa (diatonic accordion) theoretical as practical having this instrument a major role in the film.


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