viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

The book "La tierra de Mil Tonás" by Maxi de la Peña

Kepa Junkera collaborated being interviewed and writing the preface for Maxi de la Peña´s book; “La tierra de Mil Tonás”.

Here is more information about the book published by the daily journal “El Diario Montañes” translated:


“Folklore is the musical expression array of the people’s culture for excellence. It represents the cycles of life, the work with the land, and the feast after the harvest.” This reflection made by the Portuguese singer and songwriter Dulce Pontes is one of the preface of the book “La tierra de Mil Tonás” written by the journalist of the “El Diario Montañes” native of the city of Santander, Maxi de la Peña. The new novel will be presented Thursday at 8:00pm at the Ateneo, a ceremony in which will assist, among the proper author, the journalist and student of traditional culture of Cantabria, Jesus Garcia Preciado.

The Portuguese artist Dulce Pontes, who will release her new album in a couple of day, prefaces the book written together with five other renowned musicians: Kepa Junkera, Uxía, Luis Delgado, Ana Alcaide and Paco Díez. Also, the director of the Culture section of this newspaper, Guillermo Balbona, gives us a journalistic profile of the work. The book just published b the editorial “Librucos” and distributed by 'Cantabria Tradicional Distribución' collects 51 interviews conducted between 2008 and 2009 in the “El Diario Montañes”.

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