viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Accordian player and pianist make beautiful Basque music together in Boise

BOISE - Basque button accordion player Kepa Junkera, above left, is in Idaho working on a three-year project to record Basque music with musicians and singers from all over the world.

In Boise, he's recording with pianist Paul Tillotson, right, and singer Curtis Stigers, as well as bass player Rod Wray and drummer Spencer Martin from the Basque band Amuma Says No.

"Kepa is bringing Basque music and having American musicians interpret music in their own way," said Boise producer Gloria Totoricaguena. "Stigers and Tillotson grew up with Basque people; they know Basque culture and the Basques know them."

Junkera will give a free solo accordion concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Basque Center. "Indescribable," says Totoricaguena. "His accordion is his voice, his interpretation. It's a real lesson in artistry."

News and picture gathered from May 14,2010

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