jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Kepa Junkera makes the Bulgarian public fall in love with the Basque music

Sofia, 27 Oct. ( EFE).- The musician from Bilbao, Kepa Junkera, gave forth in Sofia a moving and unforgettable spectacle of rhythms and traditional Basque sounds that made the Bulgarian audience fall in love, totally unknown music in the Balkan country that tonight he presents for the first time.

During almost two hours the composer, producer and the artist did not stop provoking admirations on behalf of the majority of 1,200 spectators that have been hypnotized by the magic of his interpretation of trikitixa, a typical Basque diatonic accordion.

The "the king of the accordion" surpassed the challenge of attracting the public with this instrument known in the Balkan country as typical of the folkloric music, but with a completely unknown and contagious tonality.

In addition to this Basque accordion, the spectators also had a good time with other musical instruments like the txalaparta, a kind of percussion whose thick board is hit in pairs with four sticks, and also the alboka, a traditional instrument of wind.

Junkera that was awarded in 2004 with a Grammy for the best Folkloric album, The Bulgarian’s auditorium untied surges of applauses for his interpretation, well-known to have the best acoustics of The Balkans, and also to make a speech in Bulgarian’s language, winning his way to the public.

News published in the newspaper ABC.
27-10-2010 / 23:40 h


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