martes, 29 de junio de 2010

BETI BIZI The new project of Kepa Junkera



BETI BIZI is the new album presented under the label of Hiri Records and the production by the musician Kepa Junkera. Xabier Amuriza, the chorus of LEIOA KANTIKA KORALA and Kepa Junkera, himself joined their talents to present this new album composed of 12 songs that seamlessly blend our past, choral and electronic music.

“Old verses, a youth choir, lively rhythms of dance and electronic sounds make up the novelty and strength of this project” Xabier Amuriza

Ancient Biscayans´ ballads recovered by Xabier Amuriza, sung by LEIOA KANTIKA KORALA and that special touch of Kepa Music seals the unmistakable style of this album which allows us to approach this new album in a different way, combining past, present and even perhaps to give us a glimpse of patterns of the near future.

“A new concept of musical fusion, a different sound and most innovative proposal of coral in the moment” Kepa Junkera

An original bet, accomplice and emotionally charged. A meeting place of talents and various proposals that make one of the most special projects for the moment. BETI BIZI.

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