viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

Preface of my album ETXEA written by JOSÉ SARAMAGO

Photo by Jose Luis Nocito, Bilbao 2001.

Today José Saramago has decided to say goodbye to all of us to continue his journey to the different corners of the soul, far and unknown, but certainly it will be a new challenge for this great Portuguese writer.

From we want to make a small tribute to him, publishing the preface he wrote for the album ETXEA two years ago.


There is a musical city where all the cities of the world are represented, as if it were a mutual home. The name of the architect and the builder of all of this is Kepa.

The oldest music was the human voice. Somehow we could say the man discovered the music within himself, inside each sound of a word of our rude forefathers, even when it was going to be necessary thousands of years before the first one would be formed.

The music has always latent within the man, as a possibility, but multiple and murmuring, also lived nature. The birds already singing, the wind whistling in the cavities of the grottoes, the cascades; thunders like a song of Richard Wagner in advance and altogether, and what we can also imagine, was the nature’s great orchestra, where an empty seat awaits the arrival of man. Which finally appeared holding in his hands a bone with holes called flute. And also a round object with a hole, with a skin stretched over the opening, which would receive the name of drum.

Also bringing with him his own voice, and without no doubt, was one of the most sublime moments in history of mankind, in which a human being, man or woman, stood up to sing. From there on, it may not appear at first glance, but the songs collected by Kepa Junkera are about this, in this unique recording that surely will seek new directions in the composition and musical interpretations. To sing the language of others is the first challenge.

José Saramago (2008)

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